We have a range if machines to suit every type of customer whether you want a self service unit that stocks a range of tags or a table top machine with a display unit of tags to choose from.
Petscribe™ - affordable, custom engraved pet I.D. tags in less than a minute The PetScribe™ machine provides a new profit centre for stores that currently do not provide ‘instantly engraved tags’.

The machine allows you to create affordable, Custom engrave tags, most can be engraved double sided in less than a minutee.

No longer is there a need to post a tag for engraving to a third party. PetScribe's™ compact size allows it to fit on almost any counter therefore providing a high profit from a small space.

All PetScribe™ machines are delivered with an easel display, POS and tag caddy organiser.

Personal, Versatile and Profitable
  • Small footprint

  • PetScribe™ can accommodate large and small tags.

  • Larger tags can accommodate up to six lines of engraving.

  • Tags can be engraved on both sides.

  • Letter compression provides for larger engraving if fewer lines of information are needed.

  • Provides a new profit centre for your store.
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    QuickTag™ - affordable, custom engraved personal identification and pet I.D. tags in less than two minutes! Quick-Tag™ allows your customers to create their own affordable, custom engraved personal identification and pet I.D. tags in less than two minutes.

    The stand-alone system uses a computer-driven engraver, easy-to-use video touch screen, and cash or credit payment options to make the self-service process convenient, easy and fun for your customers. (Token payment option is available if appropriate for your store environment.)

    All machines are stocked with high-quality tags in various shapes, sizes and colors.

    Easy-To-Use Steps: Select your favourite tag from six available styles, type in the desired name and phone number, then select which payment method is best for you, and watch as your tag engraves and dispenses.

    Small Footprint
    The Quicktag machine is only 31"(w) x 23"(d) x 6' 3" (h) and sits on roller castors for easy mobility.

    Benefits You Can Identify With:
  • Profitable: realise a high profit from a small space

  • Builds Traffic: unique destination product attracts new customers

  • No Expense: Quick-Tag provides the machine and the inventory *

  • Minimal Labour: Quick-Tag provides regular maintenance, service and collection visits

  • Instant Gratification: customer watches as the tags are engraved

  • Convenient: located where your customers like to shop

  • Fast & Easy: touch screen technology produces tags in less than two minutes

  • Many Uses: personal identification tags for various occasions.

  • Many uses
    Luggage, Pet Tags, Backpacks, Rucksacks, Duffel bags, Sports Bags, Camera Bags, Keychain I.D.s,
    Tags per Day Tags per Year Suggested Retail GP Margin Yearly Revenue Yearly Profit
    2 730 £8.00 64.5% £5,840 £3,766.80
    5 1825 £8.00 64.4% £14,600 £9417
    10 3,650 £8.00 64.5% £29,200 £18,834
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